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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Do Dentists Use Facebook For Dental Marketing? New Survey From Tells The Story

A recent survey of practicing dentists by gives the breakdown of how many dentists use Facebook for dental marketing, and the ways they use that site to promote their practices.
(PRWEB) July 08, 2012
Curious about how dentists are using Facebook in their dental practice marketing campaigns? In a recent survey conducted by dental marketing resource (TWD), two thirds (67%) of the dentists who responded said they have a Facebook page for their practice, while only one third reported that they do not. Most of the dentists using Facebook pages practice in suburban locations.
The high percentage of dental practices on Facebook is not necessarily surprising, since the site has become a household word --- it has close to 160 million monthly visitors and is second only to Google in total web traffic. Also, since the survey was conducted on the TWD website, it included only dentists who already spend time online.
What's more interesting for dentists to note is how their colleagues are using their Facebook pages. According to the survey, close to 90 percent of the practices that have a Facebook page use it for basic "business card" information – address, phone number, doctor names and services provided, etc.
When it comes to using the pages for dental advertising, the numbers are much lower. Only 50 percent of the dentists reported using their practice's Facebook page to offer discounts or specials. And only 35 percent use their pages to network with their dentistry peers.
"This means half of the dentists on Facebook are not maximizing their pages when it comes to marketing their practice," says Jim Du Molin, editor of and founder of dental marketing innovator Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA). "And about half of the dentists who aren't yet on Facebook aren't sure how to use it to promote their practice. That leaves a lot of room for improvement!"
In summary, the majority of dentists surveyed have either taken the first steps of setting up their Facebook business page, or are willing to do so if they could easily ascertain what to do and how to do it. But most have not yet actively and strategically incorporated Facebook into their marketing plans.
"Most dentists know that social media is here to stay," adds Du Molin. "Most of the dentists who are already on Facebook still need better ways to convert leads. Dentists who aren't there yet need easier ways to get their pages built. And none of them have any extra time! They all just need a simple way to integrate Facebook with their current marketing plans."


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