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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to use digital X-ray Or RVG with Apple iPad , iPhone. The Kodak RVG 6500


Innovation is the key to development and dentistry is not an exception.First there was no radiograph then came conventional radiograph then came high speed radiograph and Digital radiograph or RVG and now Apple iPad.
You will say (What ! an iPad?) yes an iPad. It's an innovation by Apple inc.which has been accepted by medical and dental field warmly.I have discussed How to upgrade your dental practice with Apple iPad in earlier post and written about the change this gadget can bring.You can check 10 free iPad application for dentists
Today in Digital Radiograph or RVG we shoot an X-ray few moments later it appears on the computer screen and then you interpret it and discuss it with your patients.
Now Kodak have made a RVG system which is iPad compatible and if you have an iPad or iPhone you can see and review this X-ray image directly on your gadget write reports and save it.
You must have Two thing for it.

1.RVG Mobile software in your iPad 
2.Kodak RV 6500

1.RVG Mobile Software  by  Trophy, A Subsidiary of Carestream Health, Inc. Free!
The RVG Mobile application is a unique image acquisition and review software for dental professionals who use the KODAK RVG 6500 System.

Designed for dental professionals who use the KODAK RVG 6500 Sensor, the RVG Mobile application allows users to acquire, display, and review RVG x-ray images directly on their iPod Touch or iPhone.

For reviewing purposes only, the RVG Mobile application is also available to those who use the KODAK RVG 5100 and RVG 6100 sensors. After acquiring x-ray images on a computer, the dedicated transfer interface* wirelessly submits them to the user's iPod touch or iPhone-providing remote access to clinical

The transfer interface is included with KODAK Dental Imaging Software, version 6.12 and higher. The feature is not compatible with versions prior to 6.12.

Additional features include:
- Create and transfer patient cards
- Add comments to the x-ray images
- Upload images to your iPod or iPhone

Usability requirements:
- Wi-Fi connection
- KODAK RVG 6500 System

The new RVG 6500 system includes the latest innovations from the company 
that invented digital radiography. 
• An Intelligent Positioning System that reduces retakes
• Wireless mobility that makes your opertories cable-free
• iPad image acquisition for better portability and patient communication
• Film-quality images that you’ve come to expect from the entire RVG family of sensors

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