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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DentalVibe - insights to a painless procedure

The greatest majority of the patients have a huge fear of the shot given by the dentist before an extraction, or before a dental filling is performed.

No more fears from now on, because good news is on the way. The DentalVibe is an innovative dentistry instrument patented in the US, which is meant to alleviate the pain felt from intra-oral injections.

Sometimes, the dentist needs to make even two or three such shots to numb a greater area within the mouth, and now thanks to this advanced technology, the fear of injections should be gone forever.

This is a rechargeable and cordless instrument, which actually delivers some micro-oscillations, or vibrations as commonly known, right to the site where the shot needs to be administered.

The instrument is designed based on the Vibra Pulse technology, which basically helps blocking the neural pain gate while the shot is administered, thus eliminating completely the feeling of pain. Instead of the dreadful pain, the patient will feel a soothing massage like vibration upon the gums, and a few seconds later the entire area is numb.

Since the pain is totally eliminated, greatest part of the dental phobia will also go away. All it takes is to “experience” once the sensation produced by the dental vibe, and next time you need to visit the dentist you will definitely be able to leave your anxiousness and fears at home.

The sensation of pain will never reach your brain, because the vibration sensation travels much faster. Blocking the pain felt from injections in such a way is truly something innovative and positive.

Quite often, patients who struggle with complex dental problems avoid the dentist exactly because they fear this initial injection. It seems it takes ages until the needle penetrates the gums, and that numbing solution enters the tissue… and these patients will sadly end up with even greater dental health complications, and go to the dentist when it is already late to save that tooth, and when that root canal treatment costs $1,000+

Now, everybody just waits until their dentist will stack up on the wonder tool which will be used in their dental practice.
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