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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 strangest items found in dental patients' mouths

The 10 strangest objects found in patients' mouths, as ranked by the Chicago Dental Society, which is holding its annual midwinter meeting of 30,000 dental professionals through Saturday at McCormick PlaceWest:
10. A chicken bone
9. Part of a ballpoint pen
8. Obscene lip tattoos
7. Pet hair
6. Do-it-yourself remedies, like Super Glue and wire, to hold broken and loose teeth in place
5. Fragment of a blasting cap
4. Fingernails
3. A Hot Wheels tire
2. Insects (dead and alive)
And the strangest item found in a patient's mouth, according to the Chicago Dental Society ...
1. A blinking LED the patient had installed in a tooth
— Tribune staff

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