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Friday, March 23, 2012

What to do after BDS MDS DDS ? Career choices and job options in dentistry after graduation.

                                    Biggest career question is already answered, either you are  in Dental college or you have graduated. For those who are still in the college and freshly passed out question arises? - What area of dentistry we chose General dentistry, Masters degree, Army dental corps, join the college as lecturer, Govt services?
Our purpose here is to show some light on the process of career choice and some of key issues in the process
When we approach toward final year questions begin to arise? -where do I want to live? How should i start a
practice? If its specialization how will it effect where I live? Do i want metropolitan lifestyle or  i can settle for less? If you are planning a family, you ask questions about education and social opportunities for your children what value do you want your children exposed to day today life ? If you have taken education loans then can i pay it a slow or quick repayment process?
These questions have an exhaustive list they are meant to get you think about you your family and location of your practice.
Current market and 'Building a Positive attitude toward it'
Dental market in today's time bring some unique opportunities and challenges for us. Can we call it a Golden age of dentistry? and the present market as both best and the worst time of the dentistry?
Golden Age -
Y I call it Golden age ?  
In this age we are one of the worlds most populated countries and our population is living longer.this means we have more number of teeth and supporting structures to look after and there is more work to be done.In addition its seen that dentist make more money then General physicians & and the trend is likely to continue
But some specialities in the field of medicine & surgery -like radiologist or cardiac or neuro-surgeons still earn more then a general dentist.However point to be noticed is that -these specialist have more years of education then general dentist before the start to make big earnings. So the time value of the money also has to be considered.
While this seems to be Golden age for us there are certain patient groups like -uneducated patients,Patients from lower socioeconomic strata,rural patients.who cant afford dental treatments or they are unaware of such treatments.
So while this is Golden age for us its stone age for them,we should consider improving these areas too.

Career Scopes in field of Dentistry:-
Various Career Scopes available in dentistry are
  • Academics- Chosing the field of academics and being a full time academician is a good option. This can be possible after specialization ( MDS) (i.e. periodontics, prosthodontics, etc..), you can Join any institute as a full time faculty in the department of your specialization.You can also join the institute after BDS but it does not provide satisfactory salary there are better options then it.
  • Research and Development-this field is new, exiting and good paying. It can be joined after specialization or after graduation but it require additional training in research field which can be done after graduation .Research and development have two branches - Basic research is done in fields like-biomaterials, immunology, microbiology. Basic research is carried out in the lab and studies on animal and models or epidemiological studies. Basic research have high demand and dedicated researchers are needed for development of new techniques and new materials.Clinical Research deals with clinical testing of the materials discovered/invented in the lab, like testing a new prosthesis or testing a new drug or graft material.Various job offers are given by these companies in which one can apply.   
  • Private Practice-One of the most chosen filed in dentistry, A Private practice can be set up after graduating or post graduating, you can keep your practice as general dentistry or specialized its upto you.For practice its important that one should have good practical knowledge and management skills.some amount of money is required initially to start a practice which can be invested by the dentist himself or taken from a bank as a loan.A Practicing Dentist can make 20,000 to 100,000/month  or more.
  • Academics & Private Practice- A Master degree holder dentist can join the institute and work in academics in college hours but during evening times he/she can work in there own clinic or as a consultant in some other clinic,this will double your earning as well as your work load so chose wisely.
  • Corporate sector& Managment- After doing the MBA in the field of Hospital management one can get a job for administration of the hospitals of any private or corporate levels, Today all private sector hospitals have dental faculty so having a degree of MBA in hospital management will work as one more feather in your resume.One can also join various Dental materials industry and Dental related Pharmacy company and various Dental equipment industry as a Adviser or Researcher or Manager.
  • Government Sectors & Other organizations- Government vacancies are one of the good options for career. one have to give there service in the government hospital .Time to time government notices the vacancies .Graduated can apply for these vacancies.Various other organizations like Railways ,NTPC, SAIL, ONGC also recruit dentist for there hospitals.
  • Army Dental corps- Every year Dental graduates and Post graduates from all over the country come to the capital city of the country striving to join the Corps. The best talents are selected and adore the prestigious olive green with AD Corps on their broad shoulders and the Corps insignia on their blue barrettes. Click here for site
Decision Making Process:-
You can list all the issues you need to consider in making a decision about your career and then see which area of dental practice best meets most of your criteria.

Approach decision making process with following mindset:-
  • Gather input from the people closest to you who will be effected by your decision.
  • Be flexible at times life take sharp turns.
  • Its called decision making process because it takes time -be patient 
  • Decisions are tentative you can change your mind.
  • There is usually no right choice.
  • Deciding is a Process not a static one time event .we are constantly evaluating in light of newer information.
  • There is big difference in decision and outcome .decision is within your control but outcome is not. All decisions have element of risk in it.
  • Think of the worst outcome.Can you live with it?if yes then decision will not bother you.
  • Try to avoid to much of analytical view usually there are more then two options for everything.
SOURCE  : drpulp.

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