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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Implant Dentistry - The Permanent Tooth Restoration Solution

As we age we experience an array of changes with our body and overall health. Among these changes are tooth loss, most commonly caused by tooth decay, gum disease and excessive wear and tear. Missing teeth can add years to a person's appearance, making it difficult for an individual to smile without feeling self-conscious. Not to mention that performing normal day-to-day functions, like eating and talking, become both challenging and frustrating.
When you need to replace one tooth or several missing teeth, you want a solution that will restore your smile as close to your natural teeth as possible. Dental implants from your experienced Joliet implant dentist is the only dental treatment available that replaces the entire missing tooth while preserving the bone and restoring normal functions.
What are Implants?
Used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are securely affixed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth. They are designed to replicate your natural teeth while restoring function and preventing further decay, dental diseases and bone loss.
Why Replace Missing Teeth?
Missing teeth have more far-reaching effects than just an older appearance and lack of confidence. As soon as a tooth is lost, the supporting bone begins to deteriorate. Additionally, gaps in your teeth can affect the surrounding teeth, causing them to shift into the gaps and influencing how the jaw closes. And since food can easily become trapped in these spaces, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases.
Its best to replace a tooth as soon as its lost as this will prevent the progression of bone loss, reduce the shifting of your surrounding teeth and avoid additional decay. Delaying tooth restoration for an extended period time will only limit your possibilities for successful restoration, make chewing foods more difficult and lead to more serious health problems.
Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental implants are comfortable, long-lasting and secure, making this restoration treatment a practical choice for patients no longer wanting to wear removable dentures. Unlike traditional, dentures, dental implants offer a fixed permanent solution to missing teeth. With implants, there is no fear of slipping or falling out, no messy adhesives, no discomfort and no difficulty eating or talking.
The Implant Advantage:
  • Restore proper chewing functions
  • Convenience and confidence that teeth won't move or loosen
  • No messy adhesives
  • Improved speech
  • Prevent progressive bone loss and gum recession by mimicking the roots of natural teeth
  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • Convenient oral hygiene
  • Renewed self-confidence and improved self-esteem
If you, like millions of other adults, have lost one or more teeth, you are probably all too familiar with the unpleasant consequences. The benefits of dental implants far outweigh any other tooth restoration procedure. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, however, and in some cases, dentures will be the most suitable treatment. Schedule an appointment with your Joliet dentist and find out if implants are a viable solution for restoring your smile for a lifetime.

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