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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pit And Fissure Caries

Mnemonics For Criteria For Diagnosis of Pit And Fissure Caries


F-Flakiness Of Enamel
L-Loss of Translucency
S-Softening of the base of pit and fissure


  • 84% of caries in 5-17 years old involved pit and fissure caries
  • Dental Sealants are highly effective in prevention of pit and fissure caries.
  • Fluoride has its least preventive effect on pit and fissure caries, compared to smooth surface decay.
  • Children whose permanent teeth, especially molars, are erupting should be on recall intervals that are short enough to allow the dentist to place sealants on newly erupted molars before the pits and fissures can decay.
  • Preventive resin restorations (PRRs) are indicated for small pit-and-fissure lesions that are too large to seal. The dentist should evaluate the extent of caries present when doing a PRR to confirm the diagnosis of active or inactive dentin or enamel caries. For patients who have caries in pits and fissures, the dentist should plan to place sealants in sound or incipient grooves and pits of premolars to remove those sites as reservoirs for bacteria.

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