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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speed Of Rotatory Instruments

Ultra Low Speed - 300-600rpm
Low Speed- 3000-6000rpm
Medium High Speed- 20,000-45,000rpm
High Speed- 45,000 - 1 lakh rpm
Ultra High- >1Lakh rpm

" Co relate it with Bike Price"

Suppose you want to buy a super fast bike like ninza etc. then you have to spend more than 1 lakh.
If you want to buy Not super fast, but faster than others like karizma zmr. then u have to spend more than 45000 but less than 1 lakh. price of bike around 85000
If u want to buy bike with medium speed, like passion, splendor, then u have to spend from 20,000 ( for old one) to 45000 (for new one)
You can get low speed 2nd hand scooty for 5-6000
300-600 me to ultra slow speed bicycle he ayegi... :)
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